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Find more about Weather in Saskatoon, CA
Find more about Weather in Saskatoon, CA

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25 May 14

5 May is the opening day of the season here in Saskatchewan. This year options were limited if you wanted open water. Nonetheless my decision on what to do on opening day was simple. It has become a tradition, out of necessity and... read more

Preparing for the New Season
19 Mar 14
Winter is a time of constant denial for me. I used to pack up my rods in their tubes and snuggle them away in a warm cozy spot for the winter, but I stopped doing that a few years ago. Now, they stay in their on-the-go tubes, setup as 2-pieces always ready should the opportunity present itself... read more

These are the Moments
10 Mar 14
The question of what it takes to create those moments where the world seems perfect and fist pumps and screams of elation are not out of the ordinary, always seems to start with knowing what you wanted in the first place. These moments and experiences are rare... read more

Eat Sleep Fish
4 Mar 14
Issue No 27 of this great little mag has just been published and it features an article by yours truly. So go ahead, pour yourself a cup of coffee or your preferred beverage, sit back and flip through this great read... Enjoy!

It's Coming Soon Video
2 Mar 2014

Check out the video, listen to more from the artists that provided the music but most importantly get ready for what's coming!

The February Blues
26 Feb 2014
Winter, oh winter, winter, winter, winter… It’s been a cold one, everyone in North America is talking about it. I read this article  confirming it... Coldest winter of the millennium so far and right now the forecast doesn’t look great. Actually it’s downright terrible with most lows in the coming days still stuck between -30C and -40C... read more

A Place to Call Home
11 Feb 2014
This story was written as a submission for the Kilpatrick Flyfisher's Jerry Jackson Memorial Award. Not only was it considered but it also won the award. The story was read at the annual banquet and was very well received. Read the award winning story here...

Building Confidence: A Case Study Part 3
1 Feb 2014
As anglers we tend to accumulate gear. The more we fish and the more we fish for, the more we seem to want, acquire and ultimately have. From time to time I like a good excuse to organize my stuff, sometimes for no other reason than I feel it connects me with... read more

No Bad Days
25 Jan 2014
The first video of hopefully many to come. This video gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to put out. I have always been interested in creating videos and I have dabbled in the past, but in the last year or so I have been really wanting to push... read more

Building Confidence: A Case Study Part 2
5 Jan 2014
The lake that I have chosen meets a number of criteria for me and made it a natural choice. I know the lake has whitefish in it, I saw several of them in the fall in the shallows, however I failed... read more

Building Confidence: A Case Study Part 1
4 Jan 2014
To become better anglers we need to be pushing our boundaries and our comfort zones. In a previous article I spoke about some of the reasons why I am growing to love ice fishing. However I have a confession to make...read more

Ice Fishing for the Fly Fishing Nut
2 Jan 2014
I guess it really depends on where you live and where you grew up. If, like me, you grew up in a place where it always seems to be summer, except for that awkward 6 weeks when it can get cold. When I say cold I am talking about the cold where REALLY cold is close to... read more

10 Things You Should Never Leave Home Without
29 Dec 2013
Every fishing trip is an adventure, but some tend to be more adventurous than others. Things go wrong, that’s a fact, but if you are prepared, even the most dire situations can be dealt with more easily. Here is a list of 10 things that should go with you on every fishing trip. They don’t take up much space, but... read more

Fly Fishing in Saskatchewan
18 Dec 2013
The fly fishing opportunities that exist in Saskatchewan are quite simply incredible. This forgotten little prairie province is a largely undiscovered gem in Canada. With such well-known bastions of fly fishing heritage to the west in the Rocky Mountains and beyond and with the now well-famed monster... read more

Fishing in Saskatchewan
17 Dec 2013
Let me say first and foremost that I am no expert in fishing here, in fact I think real experts are hard to come by in Saskatchewan. The main reason for this is the shear vastness of the province and the fisheries available. I have lived in Saskatchewan for more than... read more


This site comes to you out of Saskatchewan, Canada from the worst fisherman in the world!
Wait........... What? No seriously, read on...

Well where do we begin? I guess if you want to know a bit more about twfitw go here. If you are curious about where Saskatchewan is, how to pronounce it and what the fishing is like go here.

There is a lot to fishing in this part of the world, it may be one of the of the more under-appreciated destinations. I still consider myself new here, so I have a lot to learn and an awful lot of water to explore.

This site will be exploring anything and everything related to fishing, fly fishing and what it takes to become a better angler... If you have any desire to improve your skills there will be something for you...

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